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Diamond Pendants
Diamond Heart Pendants
Diamond Cross Pendants
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Welcome to Diamond Pendants India Ltd.

Diamond Pendants are traditionally known as a symbol of love and proposing. When a man asks a woman for her hand in marriage and in life, this ring is offered. Traditionally, any ring is usable because the ring itself is a continuous loop symbolizing eternity. But as victims of society, now every man is pressured to use the most expensive piece he can afford, typically a diamond ring. The general rule of thumb is two to three month's salary to show his dedication and sincerity.

Diamond  became a tradition when the first one was given by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Now it's become a widely practiced ritual by nearly every culture in the world. More than 250 tons of earth is mined before a single 1 carat gem quality diamond is uncovered. The best quality diamonds are usually set into platinum bands for people who prefer the best of the best.

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When shopping for an Diamond Pendants ring in diamond, platinum, or else, there are 3 main steps you should follow:

  • First you choose the center stone. Popular choices are diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. But depending on taste, some women may enjoy more unique stones that are not widely seen on other people's fingers.
  • Choose the shape of the center stone. Popular designs are: round brilliant, princess (square brilliant), emerald cut, marquise, oval, pear, heart, and trillion.
  • Choose the precious metal and style of setting. Many settings are created for a certain shape and size of gems. First, study the type of finger jewelry that she wears to get an idea of her style and preferences. Then choose the setting that matches best with the stone. Some women prefer gold jewelry while others enjoy silver, white gold, and platinum - the white metals. If she like silver, you don't want to get an expensive diamond set in silver, so your best choices would be either white gold or platinum. platinum  are the most durable and expensive in all of ring making, and usually only go with really good quality diamonds and rubies. Emeralds are usually set in yellow gold because they enhance the color of green.

Diamond Pendants Products List :-
Diamond Pendant Diamond Pendant Diamond Pendant
Gold Cross Pendants
Number Pendants
Charms and Pendants
Gothic Pendants
Bling Bling Pendants
Goddess Pendants
Emerald Pendants
Mother of Pearl Pendants
Sterling Pendants
Silver Cross Pendants
Vintage Pendants
Sapphire Pendants
Sports Pendants
Gold Coin Pendants
Tanzanite Pendants
Amber Pendants Earrings
Chain and Diamond Pendants
Diamond Pendant Diamond Pendant Diamond Pendant
Diamond Baby Shoes Pendants
Princess Cut Diamond Pendants
Diamond Floating Heart Pendants
Pear Shaped Diamond Pendants
Child Diamond Heart Pendants
EGL Certified Diamond Pendants
White Gold Diamond Pendants
Ruby and Diamond Pendants
Diamond Dog Tag Pendants
Diamond Sapphire Pendants
Amethyst and Diamond Pendants
Three Stone Diamond Pendants
Yellow Gold Diamond Pendants
1 Carat Diamond Pendants
Diamond Fashion Pearl Pendants
Diamond Circle Pendant Necklace
White Gold Diamond Heart Pendants
Garnet Pendant Diamond
IGI Certified Diamond Pendants
GIA Certified Diamond Pendants
Man Diamond Cross Pendants
Diamond Pendant Diamond Pendant Diamond Pendant
Diamond Snowflake Pendants
Aquamarine Diamond Pendants
Diamond Solitaire Bezel Pendants
Ruby and Diamond Heart Pendants
White Gold Diamond Cross Pendants
Heart Shaped Diamond Pendants
Circle Love Diamond Pendants
Diamond and Gold Heart Pendants
White Diamond Heart Pendants
Diamond Dragonfly Pendants
Champagne Diamond Pendants
Diamond Horseshoe Pendants
Star of David Diamond Pendants
Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace
Diamond Zodiac Pendants
Diamond Clover Pendants
Diamond Sapphire Heart Pendant
Tiffany Diamond Pendants
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